Our history

It was 1969 when Mr Severino Marogna decided that his mother country’s tastes would become the core of his professional life.  So Pa.al.ve.  was born.
Pa.al.ve. got inspiration from its founder personal and family history. An history that had always been in love with good things.
At the begin is was nothing but a small food laboratory in which daily was created the magic of old times tastes.

Tastes handed down from Severino's parents and great parents.
PA.AL.VE.. magic started spreading around and being popular thank of the genuinity of its products.

Started being very valued so grew from local to national market.
Despite the production quantity had increased the quality was still the same as its founder business philosophy.

Severino Marogna business philosophy:

- careful selection of the raw ingredients

- production systems developed and tested to make technological innovation and handmade tradition meet.

Supplier and clients had been always involved in the production to get the best result.

- high qualified staff

- research and development of products and technology for the variety of modern market query

- research of stable professional collaborations with our suppliers

- respect for the traditional recipes
These simples and unbreakable rules, even if very challenging, are the treasure of a know-how that is still the core of today business. because of such tradition PALVE has became one of the most important food producers in North Italy.

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