"We have put love and perseverance which are old seeds
that nowdays bloom in the freshness,
flavour and quality of our products
that reach your tables"



The tradition

Tradition is the real origins and tastes are the essence of it.

Veneto region is our origin earth and our cultural inheritance.

An inheritance made of simple and genuine things handed down from a generation to another despite time’s trap.

Like Polenta which is a poor food but intense.

A sublime expression of our culture and farms.
Like Gnocchi which are soft memories of family, human warmth and traditional cooking.

The passion

Passion is living, in work as in life, driven by the feeling of those who know that things done with love are always the winners. Drop by drop to form an ocean.

Our family

Our Family is the solid base on which leans our history. It is the track of past times that still live.

The warm blow of the present time and the first step toward a future with deep roots. The family is a value that cancels distances from food producer and customer. It puts them all at the same table to recall together the flavour and emotions of our traditions. This is why a smile at the dining table is still the best way to tell life.



Corn and Potatoes. Two essential ingredients from the ground. It is our duty to respect and value catching its potential and taste. This is why we pay great attention to selecting each consignment. We control very carefully potatoes and wheat and only the top quality will be used for Gnocchi and Polenta. Goodness of our products is the final expression of what mother earth can offer us.



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